Everyone Has an Opinion on Your Writing

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When you dive into the world of writing, one thing becomes abundantly clear: everyone has an opinion on how you should write. Spend a morning perusing the titles of various articles, and you’ll notice a common thread—they all push their opinions on how you should approach your craft. Whether it’s advice on how often to write, the best methods for writing a certain genre, or tips on targeting a specific audience, the internet is flooded with well-meaning but often conflicting guidance.

But here’s a radical thought: ignore all of it. Just write because you enjoy it. Write for yourself. Write because it feels good.

In an age where content creation is often driven by metrics and algorithms, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple joy that writing can bring. The pressure to conform to certain standards or to cater to a specific audience can be overwhelming. However, the most authentic and fulfilling writing comes from the heart, not from a formula.

For me, writing is better than any therapy session on a couch. When I write, I am free to express my thoughts, emotions, and ideas without the constraints of others’ expectations. Writing allows me to explore my inner world and to communicate in a way that is uniquely my own.

My first published work was a children’s storybook with the message “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” It’s interesting because I don’t necessarily like to be around children, but I had a message that I wanted to get out. Many adults I’ve encountered in my professional life seemed not to understand this concept, so I thought if I could create a story that teaches young children the importance of this message, they could have an even brighter future.

The 2-3 dozen people who purchased the book gave me wonderful reviews, and while only two made it to Amazon, the thank-you messages I received were heartwarming. Knowing that my story could positively impact children’s lives keeps me motivated to write. While I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry and fiction, it’s the stories aimed at children and families that I really enjoy writing.

I only started sharing my poetry with the world in 2023. The few reviews and comments I received were very encouraging, even though the first poetry collection I published was very rough and filled with raw emotions.

My second poetry collection also received a few lovely reviews and comments, but a portion of one stood out and continues to propel my desire to share my poetry with the world:

‘Echoes of the Mind’ is not just a poetry book; it’s a soulful journey of raw emotion, contemplation, and profound introspection. Each poem feels like a reverberation, echoing deep sentiments that many of us might have felt but struggled to articulate.”

Additionally, I run a writing blog called Mirth and Menace, a place where whimsy intertwines with the eerie, and even the darkest dreams find a voice. I share my poetry and short fiction stories on Mirth and Menace without any fees or required payment. There are links to purchase an eBook or physical book, but in general, all my content is free to read. It’s best if people subscribe to be notified when I post something new, as I don’t necessarily announce new posts on social media as often as most articles suggest.

So, the next time you come across an article telling you how to write, remember this: your voice is your own. Embrace it. Write what makes you happy, what inspires you, and what resonates with your soul. After all, who needs a couch when you’ve got a pen?

Your writing journey is yours alone. Enjoy it.

© Eric Montgomery, 13-May-2024

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