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Welcome to Mirth and Menace (

Welcome to Mirth and Menace

Where whimsy intertwines with the eerie, and even the darkest dreams find a voice

Dive into this newly curated realm, now stripped back to its essence—focusing solely on the words that weave worlds. Here, every piece I’ve crafted, from the poetic to the profound, is freely accessible without the distraction of images. It’s all about immersing you in the stories and poems themselves, inviting you to explore these creations without barriers.

You can even tailor your reading experience by switching between a light and dark theme using the moon or sun icon in the upper-right corner, next to the Subscribe button.

This is Mirth and Menace reborn: a place for readers who come for the pure joy of reading and the power of narrative.

Here you’ll discover a variety of content across three distinct categories:

  • Poetry: Traverse through verses where imagination stretches beyond the ordinary, offering moments of introspection, joy, and sometimes a shiver of darkness.
  • Fiction: Step into stories where characters and plots twist through fantastical realms and unexpected turns, each narrative weaving a unique tapestry of intrigue.
  • Reflections: Engage with essays that delve into deeper thoughts and personal insights on a range of topics, offering thoughtful analyses and everyday musings.

I’m excited to introduce The Bookstore, my enchanting bookstore, where you can find both digital and printed copies of my books. Enjoy initial chapters for free and purchase the complete stories if they captivate you.

Thank you for joining me here at Mirth and Menace. Browse, read, and let your imagination soar through the realms of the whimsical and the eerie. I am delighted to have you here and hope you find a story—or reflection—that speaks to your soul.

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