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Hurry, hurry, seize the day,
Time’s swift river sweeps away.
Clocks tick on, relentless beats,
Marching forth, no retreats.

Chain ambitions to fierce deadlines,
Pursue them as you navigate the mines.
Each tick-tock a thunderous call,
Urging rise before you fall.

Forge through storms, no pause for breath,
Strive to outpace the shadow of death.
Calendar pages flit and tear,
Marking the tempo of a steeled affair.

Speed is the drum, life’s ceaseless song,
To linger is to admit you’re wrong.
In this relentless, ruthless run,
The victor’s crown is hard-won.

Time’s a beast that feasts on dawdle,
Its hunger vast, its pathways fraught.
Seize the seconds, lest they’re borrowed—
For in time’s maze, peace is sought.

© Eric Montgomery, 29-April-2024

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