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O Monday, thou art much maligned,
By weary souls with coffee aligned.
The dawn of week, the end of fun,
For many, thou art hard to outrun.

Yet pause, reflect, and see anew,
Thy hidden charms, thy sky so blue.
A chance to start, a slate so clean,
In thee, the seeds of dreams are seen.

While some may groan, and some may sigh,
In thy embrace, I find the sky.
No chains of time, no nine to five,
In every hour, I feel alive.

Thou art a day like any other,
With dawn’s first light, I mutter and stutter.
For those who dread, I say, “Take heed,
In thee, the chance to plant new seed.”

Thou art not cursed, nor burdened, drear,
But herald of a week, so clear.
With open eyes, and hearts unbound,
In thee, the joy of life is found.

To those who loathe thy morning call,
I say, “Rejoice! Embrace it all!”
For every Monday, fresh and bright,
Is followed by a Taco Night.

O Monday, thou art not so bad,
A little coffee, we’ll be glad.
So let us laugh, and face the day,
With humor, drive, and little delay.

So let us shift our minds and see,
The beauty in thy mystery.
O Monday, thou art fresh and bright,
A canvas for the soul’s delight.

© Eric Montgomery 15-May-2024

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