Inside, the Spirits Rage

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In stillness where the shadows sigh, nightfall veils the sky,
Echoes linger, laughter’s ghost in air,
Presence strong,
Belonging long,
Voices throng,
Forceful, fair.

Corners whisper tales once bright, threads in twilight sewn,
Memories carved in silent stone,
Hearts beat on,
Though withdrawn,
Spirit’s dawn,
Never alone.

Force unseen,
Hidden keen,
In between,
Silent scene,
Their will, an unseen force, adept,
Past whispers guide through shadowed halls, where light once softly crept.

Air thick with love’s spectral trace, a realm both new and known,
Essence in my veins, overthrown,
Fires yearn,
For return,
Spirits churn,
Eternal tone.

© Eric Montgomery, 16-May-2024

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