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Oh, April First, you sly, cunning sprite,
In your kingdom, mirth takes flight.
Where pranks bloom like giggles in the spring’s embrace,
And laughter’s melody fills every space.

You crown the sage with a coiled snake,
And under your spell, even the solemn awake.
With rubber critters in unexpected places,
You paint wide smiles on the most serious of faces.

In the jungle of cubicles, wild pranks play,
With staplers swimming in jello, hidden away.
Screens turned upside down, a digital dance,
Eliciting from all a bewildered glance.

You spin tales of penguins flying in flocks,
And invent gadgets for smoothing out socks.
Each jest, each gag, wrapped in your lore,
A testament to fun, making spirits soar.

Beneath the tomfoolery, a magical thread,
Weaves us together, as our worries shed.
In this carnival of joy, we find the key,
To a shared laughter, in jest, we’re free.

So here’s to you, April, master of jest,
Who turns the mundane into a zesty fest.
Your pranks, like sunshine, bright and light,
Offer us a break from the mundane fight.

In your honor, we don whimsical caps,
And step into the arena for some playful scraps.
For on this day, by one accord,
We all embrace the mischief, in harmony, we roar.

© Eric Montgomery, 01-April-2024

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