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I often check the Merriam-Webster dictionary for new words each day, and sometimes those words become prompts for poetry or a short story.

This is a free verse poem, interwoven with a few haikus, that explores the richness of the word ‘fecund’ and its many synonyms. Through playful and vivid imagery, the poem celebrates the abundance and creativity that fertile minds can produce. Join me in this lush garden of imagination, where ideas sprout, intertwine, and bloom into a tapestry of endless possibilities.

In the garden of imagination,
where thoughts bloom like wildflowers,
fecundity reigns supreme,
a carnival of endless dreams.

Sprouts of thought arise,
in the fertile mind’s embrace,
blooming dreams take flight.

Oh, fertile fields of fancy,
where ideas sprout and soar,
each one a seed of wonder,
ready to burst forth and roar.

Whispers of the breeze,
carry seeds of wild fancy,
new worlds come to be.

Fruitful minds frolic here,
plucking thoughts ripe and gleaming,
prolific and bountiful,
a treasure trove of meanings.

Beneath the bright sky,
ideas fall like ripe fruit,
plentiful harvest.

In this lush, verdant realm,
every notion is a vine,
twisting, turning, reaching out,
a dance through endless time.

Vines of thought entwine,
in a dance of endless time,
stories yet to bloom.

Prolific vines entwine,
their tendrils weaving tales,
fertile, fruitful, brimming with life,
a never-ending trail.

Under moonlit night,
prolific dreams come alive,
tales of wonder weave.

Bountiful is the harvest,
of minds so rich and teeming,
a tapestry of thought and word,
where every thread is beaming.

Golden fields of thought,
stretching to the horizon,
rich with endless dreams.

From the fertile soil of daydreams,
sprouts ideas, wild and free,
a forest of possibility,
as vast as the eye can see.

Amidst daydreams’ soil,
wild and free, ideas sprout,
forest of the mind.

Fecund thoughts cascade,
like rivers full and flowing,
carving paths through consciousness,
forever onward, glowing.

Rivers of bright thoughts,
carve their paths through consciousness,
ever onward flow.

Celebrate this grand abundance,
this fertile, fruitful feast,
where fecundity abounds,
and wonder is unleashed.

For in the heart of every dreamer,
lies a garden, rich and true,
where seeds of thoughts are planted,
and creativity anew.

Garden of the mind,
where seeds of thought are planted,
creativity blooms.

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