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In the grip of fear, I tread
Shadowed roads I daily dread

Wheels that spin with whispers dark,
Mind in turmoil, fears that spark,
Heartbeats echo, leave their mark.

Morning light, no solace found,
Anxious thoughts in circles bound,
Silence amplifies each sound.

Driving through the haze,
Nightmares in the light of day,
A heavy heart sways,
Hope hides beyond the roadway,
Fear’s grip turns skies dull and gray.

Night descends, a shroud of fright,
Nervous tremors grip me tight,
In the gloom, there is no light.

Every day, a battle fierce,
Hope for peace just out of reach,
Yet anxiety’s claws pierce.

Silent cries at night,
Restless dreams of endless flight,
Eyes shut, full of fright,
Dawn breaks, renewing the fight,
Daylight masks the inner blight.

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