Ode to Sarcasm in the Age of Sensitivity

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Oh Sarcasm, you sly, cunning muse,
In this age of tender skin and gentle hearts,
You are the rogue wave in a sea of earnest tears,
A wink in the solemn assembly of the overly sincere.

In a world where every word is weighed,
Every phrase dissected for hidden offenses,
You dance, a mischievous sprite,
Twirling your cloak of irony with a grin.

Oh, how you revel in the absurd,
The delicate dance of saying one thing,
Meaning another, a linguistic acrobat,
In the circus of modern sensitivities.

You are the spice in a bland stew of politeness,
A cheeky nod amidst the nodding heads,
The unexpected pinch that makes us jump,
Then laugh at our own seriousness.

In boardrooms and chat rooms,
Your spirit hovers, an impish ghost,
Whispering in ears, “Lighten up, will you?”
Even as keyboards clack in outraged response.

But oh, Sarcasm, tread lightly, my friend,
For the line you walk is razor-thin.
In a forest of fragile egos,
Your bite can be too sharp, your bark too fierce.

Yet we need you, oh master of the twisted tongue,
To poke holes in our self-inflated balloons,
To remind us that life is too paradoxical,
Too bizarre, too utterly ridiculous,
To be taken too seriously all the time.

So here’s to you, Sarcasm,
In all your mischievous glory,
A toast with a glass half empty,
Or is it half full?

You’d know the answer, wouldn’t you?

© Eric Montgomery, January 2024.

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