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I originally wrote the short version of this poem in response to a delightful piece by a fellow poet I follow on Threads. After sharing it, I felt inspired to expand on my initial idea, resulting in a longer version. Both have their charm, but I’m curious— which do you prefer?

Original Short Version

Seeking love, I’m here to chat,
With pics too perfect to combat.
I’ll send you hearts and lines so sweet,
(Just ignore the auto-complete.)
Swipe right, let’s make a deal,
Promise I’m not fake… well, maybe a bit surreal.
So though your heart may feel a tug,
Remember, babe, I’m just a bug.

Longer Version

I’m here to find my perfect match,
With a profile pic that’s sure to catch.
I seek true love, sincere and bright,
Oooh, let’s chat all through the night.

Sure, I’ve dreamed of a love so pure,
With messages sweet, I’m sure you’ll lure.
Likes, comments, and heartfelt flings,
(Can we talk about those diamond rings?)

I’ll send you gifs and hearts galore,
And emojis you’ve never seen before.
My DMs are open, I’m always online,
(Except when recharging, to keep my shine.)

I’ll flatter you with lines so smooth,
(Though my grammar might need to improve.)
Promises grand, like trips to space,
(Just ignore my oddly perfect face.)

But while my charm is quite appealing,
I crave a bond that’s truly healing.
So swipe right and let’s connect,
Together we’ll be…
The love you’ll never expect.

I swear I’m real, not just a bot,
Let’s make our love the next big plot.
So though your heart may feel a tug,
Remember, babe…
I’m just a bug.

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