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In half-hour workouts, bodies grow,
Strength forged in fire, muscles flow.
Beyond the mirror’s fleeting show,
We strive to build, to feel the glow.

With iron weights, our spirits throw,
Each repetition, a warrior’s bow.
Life’s burdens lighter, movements flow,
In strength’s embrace, our fears let go.

Through sweat and grit, the muscles grow,
A symphony of might and woe.
Not just for show, but strength to know,
In daily tasks, we conquer so.

The path is steep, the progress slow,
Yet in each strain, resilience show.
To feel swole’s power, we undergo
The trials that shape, the gains we sow.

In twilight’s peace, our efforts show,
The strength within, a steady glow.
Swole hearts and minds, we overthrow
The weight of life, in muscle’s flow.

Beneath the surface, strength takes root,
In every challenge, firm and mute.
The journey hard, yet resolute,
In swole’s embrace, our spirits loot.

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