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In the tapestry of years, threads of gold entwine,
Journeys etched like ancient runes, whispers in the wind.
Not age, but odysseys count, each path a sacred line,
Friends like constellations bright, their light on me pinned.

Sunsets brush the canvas, strokes of crimson, gold, and blue,
Laughter’s melody, a river flowing through the soul.
Tears, the ocean’s pearls, their wisdom pure and true,
Books, enchanted doorways where the realms of wonder roll.

In life’s grand dance,
Each step, each glance,
Dreams we weave.
Moments we seize,
Hearts find their ease,
Love’s reprieve.
In twilight’s glow,
Stories flow,
Paths we cleave.

Fireflies of memories flicker in the twilight’s embrace,
In their glow, the essence of moments cherished deep.
Love’s tender flame, a lighthouse guiding through life’s maze,
Loss, the shadowed echo where the heart’s secrets sleep.

Ask me not my age, but the stories written in my heart,
Count the stars I’ve danced beneath, the dreams I’ve dared to weave.
For in the waltz of life, it’s the journey that forms the art,
I am the sum of all I’ve lived, in that truth, I believe.

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